How It Works

The DamBag™ flood protection barrier is designed for rapid and low-cost deployment to control floodwater, erosion prevention, and infrastructure protection.

The DamBag™ is a continuous wall that can be set up around any structure or obstacle. Our bell shaped construction gives the structure solid footing against any impending disaster. DamBag™ comes in approximately 100-foot-long segments, with 2', 4' and 6' high units available. These segments are linked together to create barriers of any length from 100 feet to many miles. Once linked together the segments are filled with one of a multitude of products such as sand, river silt, gravel, crushed stone or concrete.

To install, DamBag™, the bag segments are held up via a portable frame that sets up and knocks down in seconds. The portable frames are removed immediately after filling and “leap-frogged” ahead to the next set of cells, and the process is repeated for whatever continuous length is required. A four-person team with one skid steer can set up a 1,000-foot barriers in 10-hours. This process is less labor intensive and less cost-intensive than traditional sandbags.