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Filling Options

You Have Many Filling Options Using DamBag™

Truck with sand for filling the Dam Bag

The amazing part of the DamBag™ system is that just about any available substrate can be used to fill the unit. These include; sand, gravel, clay, earth, etc. However, we don't recommend using large stone over 4" in diameter for the fill. These large stones can cause the units to not fill symmetrically or may actually damage the integrity of the bag.

Filling Options

Yard Per 100ft Section 4' Wall Height 6' Wall Height
Sand (Dry) 95.67 143.92
Gravel (1/4-2 inch) 91.12 137.07
Clay (Dry) 140.74 211.71
Earth (Soft, Loose, Mud) 88.60 133.27
Asphalt (Crushed) 212.70 319.77
  • Reduces Manpower Needed
  • Deploys Rapidly
  • Light Weight & Reusable
  • Utilize Multiple Fill Materials
  • Limited Economic Impact
  • Protects Infrastructure
  • Buy Once - Store - Use Multiple Times
  • 100 ft Dam-BAG = ~8,000 Sandbags
Dam Bag VS Sandbags

For Canadian Inquiries, please contact

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