Flood Control

Flood and Flood Control Barriers

DamBag™ should be the first line of defense in flood protection. Whether your a power plant trying to protect your substations or your part of a homeowners association, having access to DamBag™ should be part of your flood prevention plan. DamBag™ is rabidly deployable and has a very small footprint when set up. The unit can also prevent floods to the top of its height. For corporations or municipalities the ability to reuse the unit gives the purchasing agent the ability to amortize the product over a number of years. This makes DamBag an extremely cheap way to protect property. In some instances we have seen insurance rates drop because of the companies ability to show they have trusted flood prevention plan. DamBag™ is easy to use, cheap to buy, reusable and amazingly fast to deploy. Make DamBag part of your protection plan today.